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Sequin Art The Classic Sequin Art Kits Age 8 Years +
Sequin Art & Beads More advanced Kits including Beads for even more sparkle
Junior sequin Art All Kits for the Juniors. Age 4 years +
Sequin Art Style 3 Kits in one for 12-14 y.o Stylish for the bedroom
Hello Kitty Hello Kitty
MY NAME Sequin Art Choose any name from the enclosed templates to create your personalized Sequin Art. Any name can be made.

Sequin Art 3D The Classic Sequin Art in 3D for ages 8+
Stardust Sequin Art Create Sparkling Pictures using Stardust glitter and sequins
Stone By Stone Real stone Mosaics to admire & treasure.
Individual Craft Kits All craft Sets for ages 4+ to Adults.

Stardust Creations Sand & Glue is used for these stunning pictures.
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