Fantasy Candle Creative Kit - 12 Pack

Fantasy Candle Creative Kit - 12 Pack
Create candle holders in amazing designs and shapes

After kneading the powder into clay, every child can design his candle holder with his own imagination.

The material is very soft and designed for easy use

The dry projects can be painted with acrylic or tempera paints.

The kit contain: ADCP Modeling Compound, plastic cups, tea light candles and instructions.

The creative possibilities with Stone by Stone materials are limitless.
While some teachers and craft instructors prefer to use the materials with their own ideas, other will prefer to use a complete kit that includes all materials and accessories needed for the project.
In order to fill both niches, our creative team developed "The 12 Pack Creative Kits"
In order not to add materials that already exist at the school, the kits contain only the basic materials needed for the project.
Additional accessories such as paints, brushes and glue can be added upon request.
The kits are packaged for 12 kids in an easy to carry box.

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