Sequin Art The Snowman and The Dog

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Sequin Art The Snowman and The Dog

Sequin Art The Snowman and the Dog

Be creative with this stunning sequin art and see how the picture will sparkle and shine once completed.

The Snowman and the Snow dog. The dog whose ears are mismatched socks and has a satsuma for a nose captures the hearts of everyone.

Each kit contains: Framed polystyrene base, flocked picture, coloured sequins, pins and instructions

This product is suitable for children of 8 years and over.Please note that adult supervision recommended due to the pins

Sequin Art™ pictures are so simple to do. You do not even need to be
a competent artist or even a dedicated crafter to produce a perfect
sequin picture every time.

Exciting sparkling pictures are created from the easy to follow instructions. Just place the velvet
design on the frame and attach the glittering colourful sequins using
the pins provided to complete a vibrant picture. Hours of relaxation
and enjoyment plus the pride of hanging it on any wall for family and
friends to admire.

For younger children see;

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